That feeling that you are not enough……

Sadly alot of us feel that way, some of us think our worth is conditional, consequently strive for it to be constantly earned. We can develop patterns of behaviour that are driven by these invisible rules, It can be incredibly tiring, stressful and unfulfilling to live like this. I have first hand experience as I’ve lived like this for years.

How do we end this cycle? struggling and eventually feeling we are enough?
Our modern day minds have had some 150,000+ years to evolve, now our minds are capable of comparing and searching for approval. As our minds have developed so has technology and media, we are bombarded with images of people who are richer, more successful , better looking etc. Quickly and easily we arrive at the reasoning we are not enough.

Some of us will be overwhelmed by this, triggering anxiety, low self-worth or depression. Eventually we do what impresses others instead of suiting ourselves, knowing this may raise questions. How do you change the way you act, speak or relate to others if you now come from a place of enoughness?

Earn your worth today, you are enough, you have purpose and you have life.