Are you Stressed ?

Stress is a normal reaction for us all at times, if we feel under pressure or in danger. According to …..74% of us feel stressed at any one time here in the UK.

Signs of stress can effect us physically and psychologically.

We can feel irritable, exhausted,nervous, suffer with headaches, unsociable, lack of appetite to name just a few symptoms. However this is-not an exhaustive list as symptoms are very individual.

I always feel this time of year is particularly stressful as Spring raises our hopes that the darkness of winter has passed and things have to feel better. 

Particularly for young people it’s a time of exams, tests and SATs. The pressure to work hard and succeed often doesn’t come from ourselves. A sense of achieving for others often feels harder than our own expectations of ourselves. 

Whatever your stresses are or whenever they occur my hope is that you don’t feel alone, that you have somebody to reach out to.

Some practical tips that may help you :

  1. Eat well and regularly.
  2. Have a plan, factor in some downtime.
  3. Light exercise 
  4. Speak out to friends and family
  5. Sleep well. 

Always remember you are not the only one. In my role as a counsellor I experience a lot of people feeling this way. The feedback is always it helps to talk.